2 Day Live Boot Camp!

Advanced Training So You Can Play in the Big Leagues!

The Wilson Method

Communicate Like Your Life Depends On It!

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
DATE: June 22 - 23, 2024
CLASS SIZE: Limited to 10 people. 


My Step By Step Process Makes All The Difference! 

I call this a Boot Camp because you actually do things. You learn powerful, new techniques to take your communication to a higher level and then I put you through continual training exercises to imprint them into your consciousness. It's designed to make these tools part of your DNA. They become second-nature until you don't even realize you're using them on a daily basis to get what you want.

I am fascinated by folks who say they really want to take my Boot Camp... and then don't. I never try to convince anyone of its value. (It's just not my nature.) I lay it out as clearly as I can and let you decide. If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them. If you need help paying for it, I offer a payment plan. If you want proof, see the testimonials. But, the choice is yours whether to take action or procrastinate.

And that choice always comes down to this: are you willing to change to achieve outstanding results?

If you're serious about changing your life then you need to apply to my 2 Day Boot Camp, risk-free. If you're accepted you'll begin a journey that will dramatically transform your life. I've been using these techniques for almost 40 years. I'm the living proof THAT THEY DO WORK. 

If that resonates with you then apply right now. It costs you nothing to apply. If you're one of the 10 chosen you'll emerge from the training a profoundly different person. I guarantee it.

 In pursuit of clarity,

Larry Wilson

Are You Curious What I Teach?
Wilson Method is easy. It works. And you can do it. All it requires is that you take action and implement the things you learn.
Apply now for free. It costs you nothing. If you're accepted you can reap the bounty these people got from Wilson Method--


Does work seem like a never-ending struggle? What would you give to banish the resistance to your suggestions and ideas, accomplish your goals and earn the respect of your team members and superiors? It's all dependent on the quality of your communication skills.


Do the words "public speaking" strike terror in your heart? It's the #1 fear of most Americans. Those words won't hold any power over you after my 2 Day Boot Camp. You will speak with calm, self-confidence in front of any size group, from 5 to 5,000.


Nothing is worse than feeling like you're unseen. Imagine what your life would be like if you were impossible to ignore. The key to solving this problem is well within your grasp. It's waiting for you at my 2 Day Boot Camp. You'll see the results after the first day.


Connect Before You've Even Said A Word

This is where you learn the real "insider secrets" of non-verbal communication to gain the extra advantage, the "secret signals" we all transmit whether we mean to or not. Semiotics cover much more than mere "body language." Once you master these simple concepts you'll begin to see these signals all around you and you'll be able to take charge of every conversation before anyone's opened their mouth. You'll see the results-- in your own life-- almost immediately.


Stop Squeaking and Start Speaking

The quality of your voice is just as important as the actual words you speak. it's time for you to build a voice of power and control that commands attention and inspires trust. Simple exercises I learned from the premier vocal coach in the world will develop your voice quickly. You'll be able to speak with quiet authority or booming clarity, for hours on end, without damaging your voice.


The Key to Making Your Message Irresistible

How can you make yourself into someone who others want to invest in professionally and personally? It's easier than you think and I'll teach you 3 simple steps that will make you instantly more compelling and persuasive. Like everything you'll learn in Boot Camp it's ridiculously easy to do. This technique is equally effective in both professional as well as personal interactions.


Zoom Has Made Movie Stars of Us All

Whether you realize it or not, in this brave new world everyone needs to know the ins and outs of appearing on-camera. The camera is not just a recording device; it's almost a sentient being and the sooner you understand what that entails the better. The electronic cyclops wants to be your friend. Let's practice the techniques that will make you shine like a star (or, a t.v. weatherman.)


Acquire A Lexicon of Brobdingnagian Proportions

How many words do you know by context, but, not actually by definition? You know what "irony" means, but, can you define it? I'll give you a simple drill to increase your vocabulary exponentially, adding words that you hear again and again in business and in life. You don't have to use them, but, wouldn't it be nice to know their actual meanings when others use them?


Everything listed here is included in your 2 Day Boot Camp experience. There are people out there charging 2 - 3 times as much as my 2 Day Boot Camp who only teach a single concept. And they offer no guarantee. How can I make a 100% NO RISK Money Back Guarantee? Simple. I've been teaching Wilson Method for almost forty years and I've never had a single failure!

Your Bootcamp Starts in:

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In This Simple To Master Training This Is What You're Going To Learn

  • NON VERBAL SEMIOTICS - Capture their attention before you ever utter a sound. This encompasses so much of the information that you can use to your advantage that is flying all around you every day. By the time you speak they're ready to hear you. ($2,500 VALUE)
  • VOCAL TRAINING - Build your voice into a mellifluous instrument of power that commands respect and inspires trust. Learn the secrets I learned directly from Vocal Master, Erwin Winward, so that you can speak clearly, resonantly and powerfully. ($5,500 VALUE)
  • ACTIVE LISTENING EXERCISES - Use this secret weapon in every interaction to make your communication irresistible. This one technique will propel you into a new level of communication expertise. The top trainers in the world have this skill and now you can too! ($2,500 VALUE)
  • ART & SCIENCE OF STORYTELLING - Discover the template Hollywood's top screenwriters use to engage audiences on every level possible to make your message memorable and compelling. It's easy to understand and I will guide you through it step-by-step. ($3,500 VALUE)
  • ON-CAMERA SKILLS AND PREP - Whether you intend to launch a career as on-camera talent or you just need to be better on  Zoom, these simple skills in your tool bag allow you to relax in front of the camera and appear as an expert, an insider and an authentic human. ($3,500 VALUE)
  • EMPATHY TRAINING - The most essential skill to master in communication-- and in Life. The closest thing you'll ever learn to actual mind-reading. This ability alone will give you powers that appear to be supernatural. (They aren't. They're super unnatural.) ($10,000 VALUE)
  • WRITE RIGHT - Learn the things they should have taught in school-- but, didn't! There's nothing to be afraid of here. You receive the mission critical skills that will make your e-mails, texts, and letters readable, persuasive and compelling. You will be amazed how easy it is! ($2,500 VALUE)
  • VOCAB BUILDING - Cultivate a lexicon of prodigious capaciousness. I'll show you how to continually increase the word colors in your paintbox to create vivid, memorable images in the minds of others. ($1,500 VALUE)
  • CENTERING AND GROUNDING BEFORE PRESENTING - Discover the secrets the pros use to eliminate nerves so you can speak with calm authority, whether it's in front of large group or in a Boardroom or a television interview. This will make you feel so good you may find yourself adding it to your daily routine! ($2,500 VALUE)
  • IMPROV TRAINING - Everyone is born with this ability. (It's trained out of us in Kindergarten.) You'll reclaim this quickly and easily (and enjoyably!) so you can speak and react in any unexpected situation without prep or anxiety. ADDED BENEFIT-- it's so much fun to do! ($3,500 VALUE)
  • FUNNY IS MONEY - I reveal one simple technique to add humor-- almost automatically-- to your writing and speaking. You will laugh when you see how easy it is. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be born with it. It's a mechanical process you will grasp instantly. ($2,500 VALUE)

Please Note: The dollar values listed here are estimates for comparison only. The actual value may be considerably more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
My One Year, No-Risk, 100% all-inclusive Money Back Guarantee is your assurance that you can try Wilson Method without worry and risk free. If you haven't achieved outstanding improvement in your communication skills ONE YEAR after completing my 2 Day Boot Camp-- then I don't deserve your money! I will cheerfully refund 100% of your tuition.*

 *You must complete all tasks and assignments. These proven techniques achieve outstanding results--  if you implement them.

What does it cost?

Boot Camp tuition is $4,497 all-inclusive. An absurdly small investment for almost $40,000 worth of elite training. Of course, a payment plan is available. But, you must take action now. It's never going to be this affordable again. I can guarantee that, too.
See Why The Majority Of My Clients
Come From Referrals!
Nothing is as powerful as the testimony of someone who's life has been changed by this training.

Emma B.

Before Boot Camp if I had to speak in front of people I'd get all sweaty, tongue-tied and start shaking like a leaf. After the first day of Boot Camp I got up in front of 80 people and spoke effortlessly, calm as a cucumber. It was amazing!

Laurence L.

 What you teach is really revolutionary. I don't think there's anyone quite like you anywhere in the world. I traveled from London, England, to train with you and I would travel again in a heartbeat-- to the moon and back-- to train with you again, you're that good!

Danielle R.

I truly wouldn't have been able to defend my doctoral dissertation without the tools Larry gave me to communicate effectively and confidently. Now I'm Dr. Danielle! Thank you, Larry Wilson!

Kirk J.

One of the most important things I learned was how to ground myself so that I can connect to an audience of 50 or 5,000 with ease. If you get the opportunity to take the Wilson Method 2 Day Boot Camp, you should do it. It will change your life and it does work!

Action Takers Get Results!

There's only one way to find out if Wilson Method is right for you--implement it! It costs nothing to apply and you'll receive a reply within 48 hours. (Application is not a guarantee of acceptance.)