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Improving your communication skills is the fastest way to make yourself more valuable in any industry.  Dominate your competition and start communicating like your life depends on it!

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Who is Larry?
He is a TOP-TIER Communications Trainer, proud to have worked with the biggest stars in entertainment for 35 years. He  has helped Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Small Business Owners learn to communicate their message expertly and effectively. 

He's an Emmy nominated performer, producer, writer, and 2017 Comedy Magician of the Year, who synthesized his long history in show business into a powerful training system called The Wilson Method.

His Students are highly trained in the techniques used by the most famous and affluent Hollywood Stars in history. They are using The Wilson Method techniques in a variety of endeavors, both professional and personal, to achieve astonishing results.

"It doesn't matter how much brain power you have if you can't transmit that information. That transmission is communication." ~ Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet ~

Consistent Results

This Stuff Just Works!

A refreshing aspect of The Wilson Method is that it's focused on getting you the results you desire. Who has time to spend wading through mountains of obscure, convoluted theory?  Larry teaches techniques and strategies that can be implemented as quickly as you learn them. You'll be able to see the difference it can make in your life immediately.

Larry's Expertise
He makes no bones about it-- he may not be the smartest guy in the room, but, he might be the best communicator. The good news is it's all technique and that means anyone can learn to duplicate it. Larry's created an online training course to transfer his life's work to you in just a matter of weeks and you can experience a newfound level of connection as a Master Communicator.


Saddled with finding your Keynote Speaker? Let Larry engage your group with "How To Talk To Humans," his multi-media presentation of serious, practical advice, tempered with Larry's personal anecdotes of Hollywood's Most Wanted.

Live Events

Larry's Two Day Boot Camp is live, fully immersive workshop instruction in Voice, Writing, On-Camera Presentation, Speaking from the Stage and Conflict Resolution. Boot Camps are limited to just 10 students in each session.

Corporate Trainer

The fastest and most cost-effective way to get your people communicating at a higher level so they can start functioning as a real TEAM. Corporate Training available in Half Day or Full Day sessions. Schedule up to 200 attendees.


Nothing compares to one-on-one consulting, whether you are prepping for a live speech before your Board, finding the language for a new campaign or designing the culture of your company to reflect your values. Larry will over-deliver.
2 Day Live Boot Camp
There is no substitute for LIVE face to face training!
Every time Larry interacts with people live they take away powerful, real-life techniques they begin using immediately.

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Remote Control Revenue
A unique Two Part online training-- Wilson Method + Strategies specifically created to generate income online, including a Done-For-You Case Study so you can begin earning online right away.

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Live In 3D
Foundational principles of The Wilson Method you can use to reorient yourself at any time in communication-- verbal, face-to-face, text, video, email, telephone or even those old-school hand-written missives. 

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Master Class
The most in-depth Wilson Method training Larry has ever produced. It's the next best thing to training with Larry LIVE. Train at your own pace, at your convenience and review materials any time. 

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Listen To What His Clients Are Saying…
Because They Matter Most!

Deborah Newman

I've done hundreds of live trainings, but, nothing comes close to Larry's Boot Camp. It was the most incredible, inspiring, awesome live training I've ever done. He blew my mind!

Theresa Brick

Larry Wilson has the most incredible ability... and I wanted to learn from the best. Larry Wilson is absolutely the best communicator in the whole wide world.

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