Training for Trainers!

Learn the Essential Techniques that Hollywood's Biggest Stars Use To DOMINATE Their Competition!  

Learn the Secret Simple Step that Warren Buffett said will increase your VALUE by at least 50%!


In Person Training for Mentors, Speakers, Coaches, Directors of Human Resources, Managers, Teachers, Counselors, Team Leaders and Trainers of Every Stripe.

How Can You Expect to Train
Others   Without the Proper Training Yourself?

Invest Half A Day And Learn The Techniques That
Hollywood's Biggest Stars Use To WIN More! NOW You Can Use Them And DOMINATE Your Competition Too!

Larry Wilson, is coming to Sacramento and, for the first time ever, he’s presenting his renowned Wilson Method techniques for transforming businesses and lives for FREE. 

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to learn the powerful secrets that will capture people's attention and leave them hanging on your every word, These are the proven secrets Larry learned from the biggest names in entertainment, simple, easy to implement ideas that are effortless to employ and guaranteed to deliver massive results. 

You have a gift to share with the world. (If you didn't you wouldn't be here.) Larry will show you how to make your dreams come true so that you can start sharing those gifts and make other people's dreams into reality.

And—for a limited time—this half day Wilson Method event will be absolutely free. Have you been struggling with your business, longing for a five star life, but, feel like you’re held back because you can’t connect with your target audience? 

Imagine what it would feel like to approach every business interaction feeling confident that you possess the skills to make others want to invest in you, professionally and personally?

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

You have until 12:00 pm on Sept. 23rd to sign up to receive your free ticket to this event. Training will begin promptly at 9:00 am on Sat. Sept. 24th at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, 2011 Point W. Way, Sacramento, CA, 95815. 

Do Not Delay. Hurry and ensure you have the tools to launch your Training career in 2022!


• Discover why it’s so hard to ask for what you want — and how to turn it around instantly! ($250 value)
• INCREASE productivity while reducing conflicts with co-workers. ($300 value)
• Leverage Phone Technique for MASSIVE results. ($425 value)
• Learn to use EMPATHY to anticipate the needs of customers, clients and others. ($500 value)
• 3 things GUARANTEED to immediately reduce frustration in work related exchanges. ($225 value)
• Identifying the CRUCIAL differences between writing and speaking. ($425 value)
• The KEY preparation you need to make before every presentation. ($300 value)
• The best technique to interrupt patterns of unsuccessful communication. ($275 value)
• Eliminate resistance to NEW ideas and suggestions. ($175 value)
Almost $3,000 worth of training for FREE!



Premier Communications Coach

Larry is a TOP-TIER Communications Trainer, proud to have worked with the biggest stars in entertainment for 35 years. He has helped people who want to share their gift with the world, Trainers of every kind, to communicate their message expertly and effectively. 

Don't Miss This Half Day Event for FREE.
This is a $2,875 Value.
Saturday Sept. 24th, 2022.
Seating is Limited For This Event!

If you would like to train in person to learn the secrets that the top trainers know then you have to attend this workshop! Larry may not present this Top Level Training for Trainers for Free Again!
Sept. 24th, 2022

You have until 12:00 pm on Sept. 23rd to sign up to receive your Free ticket for this event. Training will begin promptly at 9:00 am on Saturday Sept. 24th at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, 2001 Point W. Way, Sacramento, CA 95815. Do Not Delay. We are almost sold out! Hurry and ensure you have the tools to launch your Training career in 2022!

Here is what you are getting: 


Live training with Larry Wilson teaching you the most valuable communication secrets he learned from the biggest stars in entertainment. Larry breaks everything down into easy-to-follow, step by step technique that guarantees outstanding results.


Larry will show you how to connect with people before you've spoken a word, how to make others hear you and see you, and how to make yourself irresistibly charismatic (even if you aren't a movie star.) You'll learn how Hollywood celebs have been using these techniques to achieve an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for years.


Larry reveals the simple proven way to communicate authentically that wins people's trust  so that they want to invest in you, professionally and personally. This is the perfect opportunity for you to achieve massive results, quickly and easily. Live Immersion Training is a powerful experience that will transform your life.


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